Revolution Fitness has established itself to be a gym for everyone where we aim to appeal to everyone, from those who know their way about a gym environment to those who are just embarking on their fitness goals.

We take pride in delivering the very best. From out facility to our customer service. Our equipment is all hand picked and designed to suit all abilities. We promise to deliver this without a large membership or joining fee. In fact, as a thank you to our members we aim to lower the financial cost of your membership, the longer you train at Revolution Fitness!

Since opening our doors we have strived to deliver exactly what our members want. We have constantly improved and continuing to do so remains a top priority.

Proof of what can be achieved at Revolution Fitness can been seen in our transformations. Revolution Fitness members have undergone some of the most impressive transformations and we aim to deliver as many as we can. Please see our Transformations section to see some of the many results we have achieved and aim to keep adding to.


Olympic lifting platforms


Free workout plans


Personal Training


Separate Cardio/ HIIT area


In depth inductions


Free Weights section


“Revolution Fitness has changed my life. I am now a fitter, happier, more confident version of myself. Without the constant push from David and the team I would not have achieved the results I did. In fact, if someone had said that those results would be a possible outcome I wouldn’t have believed them. I am now equipped with the ability to lead a happy, balanced lifestyle in a body I feel comfortable with”

Katey Hillhouse, 22.

“I have been a member at Revolution Fitness since not long after it first opened. I have watched it grow from a gym into a place where your suggestions are listened to and where you are made to feel like more than a member. The benefits are great. We are constantly updated with ways we are thanked for loyalty. Discounts and rewards are some of the ways that you are made to feel encouraged. ”

-Gail Greene, 45.

“You can’t buy the atmosphere that you get when you train at revolution Fitness. The music is great and your surrounded by professionals ready to give you advice if you need it. ”

Jordan Higgins, 22.

“I have been attending classes since I was old enough to attend a gym. The classes on offer at Revolution Fitness are the best I have been to. They all have so much effort put into them. I would recommend the gym to anyone who enjoys group fitness or would like to try it for the first time. ”

Danielle McIntyre, 26.

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